The Cinerea Network

BLACK GLASS EVENTS is part of the CINEREA INTERNATIONAL NETWORK. Since more than 15 years this French concept of original tastings born in Paris, has created conviviality and emotions in countless seminars, team buildings and corporate parties all over Europe.

Fun and amusing wine and gastronomical tastings have been designed for all audiences. That is how the concept of «Oenofungame» was born. OENO means wine and FunGame = playfulness. Oenofungame summarizes the spirit of Cinéréa International. The idea was make the wine accessible for anybody, even the less knowledge ones.

And in order to make our tastings different than all the classic and traditional ones, we created a convivial and friendly way to learn through games, historical facts, creative staging and fun entertainment. End the end, it’s not a wine tasting, but a wine show !

Due to the success of its concepts of entertainment, Cinéréa International has build a network of distributors in France and abroad. We are all working  with the same rules, the same material,  and the same spirit, all led by professional local teams. You can be sure to have the same event and quality anywhere.