Wine Casino

Why not trying your luck…but on wine tasting challenges?

This is Vini Vegas®, The Wine Casino!

Black Glass Events redesigned the universe of casinos but adapted to the delectable world of wine. This concept, created by our network partner Cinéréa International 15 years ago, is simply the ultimate tasting experience.

Black Glass Events offers a large variety of themes such as wine, spirits, chocolates, beers … through interactive events for all audiences. These animations remain simple, engaging and dynamic in order to create a festive and friendly atmosphere between people whose exchanges rarely beyond professional interactions.

This activity is performed around several games, about wine tasting, discovery, fun stories and anecdotes. The hilarious atmosphere with this unique style of tasting will make your event really memorable.

Vini Vegas® the wine casino.  is suitable at any time of the day.

The success of this animation is also in the variety of tasting themes that we can offer: wines of the World, of USA, California or France, the Champagnes & Sparkling of the World, the chocolates, beers & cheeses of the world and even fruit juices cocktails …

Wine Casino


We have thought of everything! Concerned about the space? We have mobile tables for Mini Vegas Cocktails®. You have international guests? Our animation can be done in English, Spanish and French (our tables are in different languages too). You have a Road show events to organize? Vini Vegas®, is also present throughout France and Europe with the Cinerea Network that we are proudly part of.

You have a small group ? No worries, we can play with the” Table 3 Games” offering the 3 main challenges of the Wine Casino on one single table: The Wine Tasting, Wine Colors and Aromas of the Wine. You have a big group? Vini Vegas®, the Wine Casino doesn’t have limit on the amount of tables (our record: 3000 people).


This entertainment can be « turnkey » with a amount of gaming tables adapted to your guests and with a well-rehearsed script. Or « à la carte », you choose the number of gaming tables and we create tailor – made for your event.