Wine Tasting

Black Glass Events is all about make the culture of wine more fun and accessible to everybody. We believe that the wine education is not rocket science, is not dedicated for just a few ones, but that wine tasting should always be fun, interesting and delectable.

Wine Tasting


For us, a Wine Tasting has primarily a purpose of exchange, sharing, laugh, fun and knowledge of tricks to bluff your friends with wine, before or during diner.

That’s why we designed unique quality animations, where you will not only drink quality wine chosen by our Sommeliers, but also you’ll learn many fun stories and anecdotes from any country, some routines and tricks, some food pairing recommendations etc.

Cinerea 2095


Depending on your wishes, we can choose some “grands crus”, and even classified wines of France, or simply let yourself be guided by our selection of wines of the World that are high quality and have a amazing histories.

Regardless of the topic, you will first be introduced to the basics of the tasting technics: « Eye, Nose & Mouth », but with our simple and fun methods. In all our wine tastings, you will have some games to challenge your senses, with for example « Nez du Vin »of Jean Lenoir (Aromas game), but also a some fun wine quiz. We will end our wine tastings by a little show: Sabering the champagne! (under the control of our Sommeliers)

Should you want to arrange an informative wine tasting session, one focused on Champagne, Whisky, Rhum, Beer, cheese or chocolate? Arranging a private & customized tasting has never been easier!