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Who Wants to Be a Wineonaire

The online wine tasting game show

The Concept

One day while watching our favorite reality show on TV, we came to the sudden realization that wine lovers don't have many options for entertainment that caters to their passion. We decided to create our own, and just like that, Who Wants to Be a Wineonaire was born. 


What makes Who Wants to Be a Wineonaire stand out from the crowd of corporate events is its unique blend of educational and fun. You will find it where wine tasting meets the ever so engaging game show concept, a fine blend of luxury and good times. 


And the best part is that it's a fully digital activity! We will help you create a one of a kind remote team building experience that your employees won't forget too soon. Drizzle in some additional notes of excitement by throwing a mystery wine tasting into the mix as well. We'll ship the wine to every participant individually.

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The Accessories


The Benefits

Printed answer sheet (or 4x blank sheets)

Your favorite pen/pencil

Optional: a shipping of mystery wine

Accommodates large groups (even an entire hockey league)

Suitable for all audiences (novices to connoisseurs) 

Recommended duration of 30 minutes with possibility to extend

Available in English, Spanish, and French

Professional hosts

Entertaining game show format

Wine tasting learning experience

Luxury product selection


The Prize

Who Wants to Be a Wineonaire operates on a classic trivia game show format where the person with the highest number of correct answers wins a prize at the end. This time around, thee victor will receive a voucher to shop wine at a local wine store in your area. 

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