Black Glass Events was born out of an admiration for the finer things in life. We aim to blend an aura of refinement surrounding traditional wine education with the fun you can have while enjoying our original team building activities. We are a team of devoted sommelier entertainers turned corporate event architects who share your passion for elegant foods and even more elegant beverages. Still, we never forget how to party and make sure that you have the time of your life with us!


Our Concept


Who says luxury has to be surrounded by tedious protocols? Our unique team building and corporate event catalogue mixes business with pleasure by providing you with an educational wine tasting program that is accessible to everyone. You don't have to be an etiquette expert to join us - novices are more than welcome here at the Black Glass Events activities. 


Not a fan of wine? Don't worry, we've got you covered either way! Our portfolio of original tastings doesn't only include a varied selection of Dionysian liquors (a.k.a. an assortment of wines), but also: whiskey, rum, tequila, cocktails, chocolate etc... 


Looking for something more hands-on? 


Glad to hear it! Black Glass Events also offers three separate modules in our “Academy” team building: one for wine making, one for beer making, and one for cocktail making. It's time you stopped being jealous of your local bartender's skills and give him a run for his money. 


For the grand finale, how about a truly unique offer? Our Vini Vegas Wine Casino concept is the full monty, featuring a seminar, a buffet, cocktails, and a gala that James Bond himself would want to be invited to. 


Is your event digital?


Remote employees recognize the importance of human interaction even when you spend the day behind a computer. What if we told you there was a way to enjoy a joyful teambuilding game with your co-workers from the comfort of your own space? Black Glass Events has prepared a digital wine tasting package worthy of the modern age that will make you and your team feel like you're in a TV show.

Working remotely doesn't have to mean depriving yourself from a winetastic learning experience. We bring the booze and expertise, you have the fun! At home or in the office, our digital wine tasting is the ideal socializing opportunity in the era of social distancing.

Member of Cinerea International Network.


Challenge your nose in The Aromas Challenge! 

Guess the color in The Black Glass Challenge!

Taste your way in The Around the World Tasting Challenge!


  • Evening gala, seminar, cocktail reception, buffet, after party ...

  • For all audiences.

  • Languages: EN, ES, FR

  • From 10 to 3,000 guests

  • Duration: 1h to 3h.



Wines, cocktails, beers - check out our unique team building activities, involving original creations, team spirit, and of course conviviality.




Wine of the world? Wines of France, Spain, USA.. etc? We can customize any tasting theme



  • Evening gala, seminar, team-building

  • For all audiences.

  • All included activity.

  • Languages: EN, ES, FR.

  • From 10 to 100 people.

  • Duration : 1H or 2H.

  • Possible in a wine pairing dinner.


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