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The Concept

Is your event digital? Our Aficionado digital wine tasting experience was created with this very concept in mind.


The Aficionado digital offered by Black Glass Events is the ideal choice for corporate event-level entertainment that is engaging, yet suitable for remote workers. Are you ready for the winetastic party of a lifetime? Then book our bespoke package for your company today!

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Enjoy a diverse selection of single-serve bottles from all corners of the globe from the comfort of your home and spend precious moments with your coworkers or clients.


We recommend bringing your favorite wine glass along for the ride for the complete wine training. Or, you can drink straight from the perfectly portioned bottles we deliver to your doorstep. But where's the fun in that? 


The Accessories


A selection of single-serve wines

Your favorite wine glass (optional)

A stable Internet connection

Suitable for all audiences (newbies to experts). 

Accommodates between 10 and 500 participants.

Recommended duration of 1 hour (flexible).

Several wine options to choose from

available in.

English, Spanish, and French!

The Benefits

Professionally evaluated wines

Diverse product selection

Ethically sourced beverages

A convivial wine tasting experience

Unique educative opportunity

Contact Us

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