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The Gourmet Casino is the ultimate team building and corporate event experience for wine lovers in Florida. Our unique and original team activity combines the exciting world of casinos with the delicious world of wine, whiskey, and other gourmet products.

Our interactive and educational initiation features unique tasting games that engage your senses, memory, and a bit of luck. Led by passionate sommeliers and knowledgeable comedians, our tasting casino tables offer a hilarious and one-of-a-kind team building experience.


The Gourmet Casino is the perfect corporate event for team building, offering a versatile activity that can be adapted to different themes and timing options to fit your specific needs. Keep in mind that The Gourmet Casino is a fictional entertainment and no real money is involved.

Blackjack Table


Suitable for all audiences (newbies to experts). 

Accommodates between 15 and 200 participants.

Recommended duration of 1,5 hour (flexible).

Several tasting options available

English, Spanish, and French!

The Benefits

Simply the best ice breaker

Professionally evaluated wines

Diverse product selection

A convivial wine tasting experience

Unique educative opportunity

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