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Black Glass Events is producing unique tasting experiences and entertainments for corporate events. Wine Casino, team building, tasting initiations... etc. We are a team of devoted sommelier entertainers who share the passion for wine and gastronomy through unique entertainments and programs for seminars, team-building or any event.

Our concept is a unique combination of wine education with original activities that makes our programs fun, elegant but also accessible to everybody -even the wine novices- and will turn your event into a memorable experience.

We operate in Florida (Miami based) and Spain (Barcelona based) and we are part of the Cinerea International Network, the reference of tasting entertainments in France since 1999.

Member of Cinerea International Network.

The Concept

VINI VEGAS® is a combination of the fascinating universe of casinos and the delectable world of wines – but also beers, chocolates, juices, cheeses, and other gourmet products-.
This is an educational, interactive and hilarious initiation around unique tasting games involving our senses, memory and some luck! Our tasting casino tables are animated by professional passionate sommeliers and knowledgeable comedians.
Depending on your timing and amount of participants, there will be several scenarios and themes available to fit perfectly to your constraints.

VINI VEGAS® is a fictious entertainment where no real money is involved.

Specifications :

• From 6 to 1000 people

• In all languages

• All included program

• Estimated duration: 1,5 to 2 hours

• Team building, incentive, cocktail reception


WINE MAKING ACADEMY® is a team building entertainment where each participant will turn into a winemaker.

SCENARIO : Your company invested in a marvelous wine estate. She requires your creativity and teamwork ability to realize your own signature wine, by blending some of the 6 different grape varietals available. This is the  WINE MAKING ACADEMY® challenge.

But your mission isn’t finished yet: you will need to find a catchy name for your wine and design the label of the bottle. And of course, the commercial part where your will define your sales and marketing strategy, price positioning etc.

Specifications :

• From 6 to 250 people

• In all languages

• All included program

• Estimated duration: 2 to 3 hours

• Team building



Wine station

Wine of the world? Wines of France, Spain, Usa.. etc? We can customize any tasting theme



The Concept

ONE MAN SOMMELIER® takes you to the world of wine, combining the pairings fundamentals and its secrets though a unique entertainment.
You will be thrilled with our Sommelier entertainer who will:
 • Challenge your nose with an incredible aromas game,   • Teach you the most original tasting routines,  

 • Share the most incredible stories of the wines.

 • Saber the champagne !

It’s a fun, interactive, sensory, cultural and entertaining moment, called «Oenofun»

(Oeno = Wine - Fun = conviviality) to share, without moderation!

Specifications :

• From 6 to 100 people

• In all languages

• An all included program

• Estimated duration: 1H to 1H30 for the Aperitif Formula / 2 to 3 hours for the dinner formula:

Evening - Cocktail Aperitif - Sitting dinner


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